Find Freedom with Jock Strap Underwear


I love wearing my jock strap underwear even though my wife thinks I look like a freak. She keeps calling me the tight end of the bedroom for some reason. I guess I understand as most sports players wear a jockstrap for safety but they aren’t the same thing as my underwear. For one thing, I don’t have the place that the cup fits in to protect anything of any importance. Plus, I don’t think those guys would look nearly as sexy in a jockstrap as I do because they don’t see them as the underwear that I see them as.

I feel like I am completely free when I am wearing my jock strap underwear because I don’t have all that fabric on the backside. I also don’t like the feeling of having a thin piece of material flossing my ass cheeks, either, like thongs and G-strings tend to do. My jock strap has absolutely nothing back there so I feel like I am going commando to a certain extent. I used to never wear underwear and I loved that feeling more than I probably should have at times. Now I get to experience it while still wearing something that relates to regular underwear.

Looking for jock strap underwear is a fairly easy thing to do with the internet. I tried looking around at some local stores, but couldn’t find anything like what I have. But looking online it only took me about twenty minutes before I was able to order a couple pairs and have them shipped to me. I think the only thing better than being able to find my underwear that easily is finally getting to open the package when it arrives in the mail. My wife really thinks I am strange as I skip through the house shouting my excitement over my newest jock strap design, but I don’t care as I am comfortable with it. I am confident that I will win her over to my way of thinking one day soon.