Speedo and micro swimwear for men

Speedo Swimsuit

I was never a big fan of the speedo swimsuit. I think that has a lot to do with my father wearing one to the beach when I was a child. I really did not understand why a man that looked like that thought it was okay to show off his body in a speedo. In fact, I still don’t understand why he would have worn one to the beach in front of thousands of people. He was not the type of guy to do spontaneous things in his life and seeing him dressed like that made me think there might be something very wrong with him. He did not seem to mind, and my mother thought it was “cute”, her words not mine. But I was mortified that he would choose to wear that in public.

It was not until much later in my life when my wife and I decided to vacation in the Bahama’s that I bought and wore my first speedo swimsuit. My wife had talked me into this almost a year earlier and I was able to do my best to get my body into some kind of decent shape. I did not look all that bad, and most certainly better than my father. However, I was still nervous about wearing this thing in front of anyone who was not my wife. It really did not seem natural to me and I just knew that I was going to be laughed at the whole time I was there.

The funny thing about beaches in resort like locations is that almost every guy you see is wearing some kind of speedo swimsuit in public. Seriously, I walked right out to the beach and no one batted an eye in my direction. I personally saw four other guys wearing the exact same design as me. Even these guys did not look at me. I was amazed at how quickly that feeling of dread fell away and left me with this insane amount of peace. It was then that I realized that I was going to be wearing speedo swimsuit designs until I could no longer walk out onto the sand. I have a whole collection of these things and now my wife is telling me I need to get rid of them and try something else. She was right about these speedos so she might be right about other designs. As long as I know there are others out there wearing the same thing that I am, I should do just fine.

Micro men’s swimwear

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